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Check out our Self Help section for equipment tips and techniques.
Self Help

These pages contain "How to" instructions in the use of our Bases, Power-Haul lacing, Boom tail lacing, In-Flight outhaul lacing, Boom Collar function and harness line tie-off.

Triple Clamp Alloy and Carbon Boom Tail Lacing with Grommet
Triple clamp Alloy and Cargon Boom Up-Haul Attachment
Triple clamp Alloy Loop and Go System for Rigging on a Tailpiece (video)

Competition Boom Tail Lacing with Grommet
Competition Boom Up-Haul Attachment

Boom Collar function for all Triple Clamp Booms and past model Competition Booms
Competetion Tail Piece Lacing (video)

Triple Clamp Tailpiece Lacing (video)

Formula Tail Lacing (video)

Adjust Collar (video)

Downhaul Lacing Pattern with Grommet (Eight Sequential Photos)
Downhaul Lacing Pattern with 3 Pulley Hook

Using a Rig Winch

Rigging a Sail (video)

Harness Lines
Harness Line Knot
Cutting Harness Line Tubing

In-Flight Outhaul System
Cleat Mounting on Boom Arms
Lacing at Tail with Double Sail Pulley