Wing Ride




Product Details

The Takuma Wing Ride takes inspiration from kiting and windsurfing to create an innovative and exciting ride. Without any lines, masts, or harnesses, the Wing Ride is easy to use and requires minimal set up. 

 The Wing Ride is available in multiple sizes (3, 4, 5 & 6 meters) to fit the needs of riders of all sizes and ability levels. Using a thick center strut to maximize power and a dihedral shape for excellent stability, the Wing Ride is the epitome of high performace. Stout, reinforced, rigid handles, and a leash attachment help with control and prevent the wing from getting too far away from riders. 

With its quick acceleration and performance at speed, the Wing Ride is ideal for foiling. It can also be used for SUP or even with skateboards at winds up to 12 knots. 

Includes Wing, Backpack, Pump, and Repair Kit

  • Express Inflation Air Valve
  • Double Inflation System
  • Attached Paddle Holder


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