Takuma Screw Set Kujira Wings


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Product Details

Kit contains:

  • 1 Torx T30 Key

-  Tool to tighten screws

  • 2 ea. M6 Flathead 10mm

-  Position into side of mast to assemble to Top Plate

  • 2 ea. M6 Flathead 14mm

- Attaches back wing to Fuselage 

  • 3 ea. M6 Flathead 18mm

- Attaches front wing to Fuselage

  • 4 ea. M6 Flathead 25mm

- Attaches Top Plate to board

  • 6 ea. M6 Flathead 30mm

- Position into bottom of mast to assemble to Fuselage and top of mast to Top Plate

  • 4 ea. M6 T-Nuts

- Attaches to M6x25 in Foil Tracks to anchor Top Plate

  • Shims

- Positioned between Fuselage and Stabilizer to adjust angle

  • Plastic Case

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