ONE7 FreeRide Hydrofoil with Aluminum Mast Complete w/Bag Available for Pre-Order Shipping Mid-March 2018


Mast Size

Product Details

Coming Soon.

Developed in our new Carbon Composites Construction and RTM
technology using Sicomin G33 BioEpoxy resin. Aluminum Mast has sturdy
connections and an economical price.

This hydrofoil starts flying with only 6knots of wind. It allows you to
interchange front and back wings with our racing wings setup.

Available Sizes (CM)

> Modular Component System
> Mast is 85cm or 70cm Aluminum
> Fuselage is 92cm
> FreeRide front wing span 80cm=972cm2
> Free ride back wing span 42cm=285cm2

Available Box

>Foil Box (Deep Tuttle)


> Complete Foil
> Padded Bag
> Rear Wing Shims
> Assembly Hardware

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