11'6" RT---Race Touring Inflatable w/Thrust 82 Travel Paddle RETAILS FOR $1204---NOW ON SALE!!



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This is not your average Inflatable SUP board.  We've put special details throughout to provide a board that is stiffer, more durable, faster gliding, and built with components that actually perform.  In addition, all Chinook Inflatable Boards come compete with Custom LongLife Seam Construction, Coil Leash, Windsurf Insert, Cargo Net, 2-Way High Pressure Pump, Fin, Deluxe Roller Backpack, and Repair Kit.  Our 11'6" RT is fast and glides well.  The cargo net is very unique to Chinook and incredibly useful to bring along extra gear.  Windsurfing is a fun option just waiting with this model.  Not quite as stable as the AR models yet smaller, lighter, and faster.

Length Width Thickness Pressure Volume Weight
11'6" 30" 5" 15-20psi 235L 26 lbs

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