AI Front Fin 2° (Pair)




Product Details

The K4 Asymmetric Incinerator Front Fin 2° (Pair) comes with more power, more drive, more speed, and less drag. These are something special!

Made from ‘super stiff’ material, the A.I’s are much like the rest of the Incinerator range – slim, high aspect and fast. Choose a size bigger than you would for the other fronts if you want the same hold.

The A.I. fin has a similar template to the Incinerator front but with a slightly wider chord. It has a 30/70 asymmetric foil optimized for quad set ups, but has also been found to work exceptionally well in thrusters.

  • Super Stiff
  • Sizes: 8cm - 11cm
  • Slot Box Heads

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