Takuma Boards


The New range reveals a revolutionary design in board shapes. Our team has been working to improve all facets of your riding experience from ease of take-off to reactivity, stability, control and comfort in flight. The new balanced distribution of volume makes an astonishing difference, giving much more stability on the board. You’ll be able to reduce volume and size significantly compared to your what you’re used to riding. We’ve made boards that can be used for all types of foiling depending on your level, your weight/size and of course the conditions.

Key features for the whole range :

  • Additional volume in the nose assists paddling and allows faster take-offs
  • Double concave bottom : Shaped through the entire length of the board giving extremely dynamic water flow allowing for faster take-offs, minimizing drag on touchdowns and assisting rebound on water contact.
  • Takuma G-Deck: Our Gravity Deck is an evolution in board deck contour. The front foot position being (1 cm) lower than the back foot gives the rider better connection to the foil allowing greater glide and more control through maneuvers.
  • Break 90 degrees.
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