100SL RDM Superlite




Product Details

Chinook SuperLite 100% Carbon RDM is the ultimate in materials, pre-preg construction, and performance.
This mast is ridiculously light! You will feel the difference for sure!
100% High Modulus Carbon Fiber
Constant Curve
Provides excellent reflex response to maintain desired sail shape.
Color coded mast sizes.
Bag & Shim sold separately
Chinook Two Year Warranty.

Item IMCS Stiffness IMCS Bend Curve Flex Type Weight
340cm 16 63B / 77T Constant Curve 2.33 lbs. or 1.1 kg
370cm 17 63B / 77T Constant Curve 2.7 lbs. or 1.22 kg
400cm 19 63B / 77T Constant Curve 3.20 lbs. or 1.45 kg
430cm 21 63B / 77T Constant Curve 3.57 lbs. or 1.62 kg
460cm 25 63B / 77T Constant Curve 3.86 lbs. or 1.8 kg


Compatibility Chart

Aerotech Yes
Challenger Yes
Ezzy Yes
Gaastra Yes
Goya Yes
Gun Yes
Hot Sails Maui Yes
KA Sails Yes
Loft Yes
Maui Sails Yes
Naish Yes
Neil Pryde Yes
North/Duotone Yes
Point 7 No
S2 Yes
Sailworks Yes
Severne No
Simmer Yes
Vandal No

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