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Stroke 96 Traveler (3-Piece) with ABS Edge

Stroke 96 Traveler (3-Piece) with ABS Edge




Product Details

The Chinook Sailing Stroke 96 Traveler 3 piece Adjustable SUP Paddle with ABS Edge is our latest design to perform like a full carbon paddle without the sticker shock. New blade shape improves performance dramatically with a smooth catch and a powerful stroke. Blade has ABS material internally laminated within to create a durable edge. Great performance without fatigue larger blades may cause. Traveler model breaks-down into 3-pieces for compact storage.


  • ABS Edge Technology for durability
  • Breaks down to 3 small pieces for easy travel or storage
  • Oval shaft provides extra strength, stiffness, and directional comfort
  • Friction Lock adjustment system provides infinite size settings
  • Oval design self-aligns handle to blade
  • Perfect combination of Carbon and Fiberglass
  • Smooth performance strokes at a great price
  • Adjustment Range 72"-88" using Friction Lock Collar System
  • Break-Down Length 38.5" or 98cm
  • Blade Area 96² inches
  • Blade Dimensions 17" x 7.25"
  • Blade Angle 10˚
  • Weight 1.50lbs or .68kl
  • 1 year Warranty

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