2018 Chinook Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the Winners

1st Place!
Title: Carry On Windward Son
Submitted by: cmihill

2nd Place!
Title: Jibbing Fun
Submitted by: brosseaus

3rd Place!
Title: Chinook Boom Pro1 150-200
Submitted By: brokenjawrock

4th Place!
Title:Wavesailing Friends
Submitted By: rigging.w

5th Place!
Title:Baja Dreaming
Submitted By: caseyhauserus634

Honorable Mention

Title:Slalom Fun
Submitted By: brosseaus

Title: Get Ur Gear Out
Submitted By: yohann

Submitted By: thomashasch

Title: Windsurfing PR Lessons
Submitted By: rigging.w

Title: Chinook Happy
Submitted By: thomashasch

Title: Back Loop Surfers Beach
Submitted By: noideapr