Kujira Back Wings




Product Details

Kujira 158

Extreme velocity

The 158cm2 back wing offers high acceleration and minimal drag with exceptional stiffness for high-performance foiling.

Surface: 158 cm2

Wingspan: 32,4cm

Chord: 6,6cm

Kujira 178

A transformation in carving performance and acceleration

The new 178cm2 back wing shape delivers an enhanced carving
performance with a really remarkable “release -feeling”
the curved arrow outline gives extra drive and comfort whilst
carving. The iconic Kujira bumps create channels for smooth
velocity at low speed and additional stability.

The smaller size offers better acceleration and less drag, with
increased manuverability it compliments the 750, 980 and 1210
front wings.

  • Smooth “Release feeling"
  • More speed
  • More glide
  • More comfort
  • More responsive

Kujira 220

Exceptional glide

The perfect combination for the 1440 front wing downwind
machine. The added aspect ratio gives the right amount of stability
while maintaining incredible speed. The strategically placed
bumps allow for a fluid water flow and improved hydrodynamics
for an exceptional gliding experience.

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