Takuma HD Mast Set 80




Product Details

Tough, strong and streamlined

The new redefined Takuma HD Mast combined with the HD fuselage have a new and sleeker profile and a hydrodynamic contour to increase glide and improve reactivity and control.

Improved comfort with less flex.

The Takuma HD mast has been designed for increased rigidity, efficiency, and durability. Its increased stiffness results in a more reactive and comfortable sensation during flight. The redesigned profile of the HD mast is sleeker, stronger and more streamlined, eliminating drag.

HD aluminum fuselage.

The new HD fuselage is equipped with an intelligent locked in system to avoid any movement between the front wing and the fuselage. Its hydrodynamic contour is designed to increase glide.

HD aluminum top plate.

The HD top plate is lighter and stronger with added reinforcements for a better connection between the mast and the board. The efficient board mount system allows you to maintain exactly the same position, each time you reattach the foil.

Size Details:





Set Includes:

• 1x HD aluminum mast 80cm

• 1x HD aluminum fuselage 65cm

• 1x HD top plate

• Screw set

• 1x Travel case

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