Takuma Helium 1200 Alloy - 80cm HD Mast (Complete)


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Product Details

The Kujira Helium 1200 Alloy - 80cm HD Mast (Complete) is the most cost-effective/user- friendly performance foil currently on the market. The medium aspect ratio fits the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight.

Extremely agile and playful

Medium aspect ratio wing wing for maximum fun on and off the waves

The Kujira Helium 1200 is a super maneuverable wing, it has an incredibly predictable lift and plenty of glide, perfect for fun carving and playing in the waves. You’ll be impressed with its top-end speed and the forgiveness experienced. For a large range of use, wing riding with the 1200 is extremely addictive.

Size Details:

Surface: 1200 cm2

Wingspan: 81,5 cm

Chord: 18,2 cm

Aspect Ratio: 5,5

Back wing: 175 cm2

HD mast: 80 cm

HD fuselage: 65cm


Set Includes:

• Kujira Helium 1200 front wing

• Kujira 175 back wing

• HD mast 80

• HD fuselage 65

• Screw set

• Travel case

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